Wednesday, September 7, 2011


ABC, 123- Caterpillar
Leght -47cm

2 in 1 Seat Storage - Bear (available)
*2 in 1 function- seat & storage
* Best solution for space saving & storage
* Padded animal face cushion & very comfortable
* Suitable for laundry, clothes, towels, toys, accessories, toiletries, stationery, gadgets & tools
* 2 durable large pockets in front & 2 durable handles on both side
* Size 30L x 30W x 30 H cm
* Seat is for children only

Simple Dimple Anti Mosquito Bracelet ( 1 PC )
*Best Seller Item

- Natural Citronella Extract Which Approved By EPA
- Effective For 180 Hours To Protect Against Mosquito Bite
- Adjustable Strap
- Water Resistance & User Friendly
- Infant Safe ( To Be Warn On The Ankle )
- Excellent For Sports, Travelling, Indoor
- Resealable Container ( Packaging )
- Deet Free
- Colour : Lime Green, Navy Blue, Pink & Purple
- Packaging : Re-usable Clam Shell Container

Musical Pull String - Gegurl & Boboy
RM38 each
Height - 32cm

Musical Pull String - Blue Baby Dino
RM38 each
Leght - 30cm

Musical Pull String - Elephant
Leght -25cm

Sesame Street Elmo Plush Backpack
Height -22cm
Press Me for Music!!
Elmo fans will want to take this cute Elmo Plush Backpack everywhere! Covered with touchable, soft, fuzzy fabric, with a big friendly grin, child-safe eyes, and just the right size, he is fun to play and cuddle with, and easy to carry on the back with shoulder straps.

Angry Birds Educational Computer
17cm x 15cm x 3cm

RM20 with batterri

*Learning Number 1-10
*Learning Letter A-Z
*32 English Words
*Learning Relative Words
*Learning Letter and Number Song
*Question Relative Letter or Word
*Sound Clear
*Auto Power Saving

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